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Client side MVC with backbonejs - a simple example

Some developers do not pay much attention about the structure of the client side code in their web applications, and the way they organize the code may end up in a tangled pile of JavaScript codes which is less readable and difficult to maintain. Backbonejs is a framework for web front ends which solve these issue. You can build web applications with rich front ends with backbonjs and connects those all to your existing APIs over RESTful JSON interfaces. In this post, I am trying to demonstrate how to build a client side MVC application with backbonejs, as simple as possible. The application is a list, which you can add and remove items. This is a very simplified version of the TodoMVC at , please proceed to the references at the end for more details. Source code of this example :  Application includes a model for individual list item, a collection to store list items, views/controllers to display, create,