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Importance of learning Mathematics for Computing

Today, many IT under graduates don't see the importance of learning mathematics needed for computing. And also there may not any compulsory subjects for mathematics in some degree programs. Basically, learning some areas of Pure Mathematics is very important, if you want to become a real Software Engineer. Actually, when I was schooling, I also didn't know how important it is to learn these maths stuff for the job I am hoping to do in future. So those days, I had no any motivation. But after starting to follow an IT degree, there were some compulsory maths subjects for us, and then I had the motivations to learn them because there was some awareness in me about how these things are used in real life. According to my point of view, this is one of the biggest problems in Sri Lanka's school education system, specially in advanced level, no body knows what the reason for learning these subjects. But some times, there are reasons to be happy about not getting an effort to learn