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CakePHP and composite primary keys

Today, I was doing some comprehensive research about CakePHP framework, as a part of our web application framework research. I installed it and developed a sample application following the official documentation. Some interesting facts were found. And, here, I am listing down few of the advantages and disadvantages of this framework in relation to our existing systems. CakePHP has many good characteristics such as easy configuration, easy installation, light weight etc. And also, it's a excellent RAD tool, and it will save development time in a great margin. The database tasks can be done without writing one single sql query. And, CakePHP can be used with or without apache rewrite module, there is a clean url mechanism inside the framework instead of url rewriting. Naming convention is very important in CakePHP. Database tables should have the same name as the relevant model classes. For example, by naming the model "Orange", CakePHP can automatically infer that this