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Methods overloading in PHP

Yesterday, one of my friend, coworker wanted to know about how to overload methods in PHP. So, I decided to write something about this in my blog, because there may be many programmers who faced this problem. Method overloading is common in many object-oriented languages but is not as use-ful in PHP because you tend to use flexible types and the (easy-to-implement) optional function parameters instead. Therefore the method overloading in PHP is implemented some what differently than other programing languages such as Java. In PHP there is a special class method for implemenging methods overloading. In PHP there are a number of class methods with special meanings whose names begin with a double underscore (__), such as __get(), __set(), __construct(), and __destruct(). Here, we use the method __call(), which is used in PHP to implement method overloading. To use it, you implement a __call() method, as given below: public function __call($method, $param){ if ($method == ‘display’) {